Thursday, 19 September 2013

English learning is nothing but a pack of cards

When I have English lessons at MyTuitionGuru, a lot of adult English students always asked me how to increase their English vocabulary. My tips are very easy: English learning is nothing but a pack of cards.

English learning will be a very easier journey if you practice a lot. There is no short cut way to master a language if you don't practice enough. You can prepare a pack of cards write down some words which is difficult for you to remember. You can make it a flash card with photo, word, pronunciation and some sample sentences on it. You read it when you have time. You need invest your time on it. Repetition is the best way to remember.

You can also think using the words in very strange situation, funny stuff and etc. This will help you increase your memories dramatically. Can you ever remember something very strange in your life that you never tried to remember them, but actually they are there in your minds. Thinks about this when you try to remember English words, try to use the in similar situations to the funny environment. You will find that English learning is not boring but very interesting.

With a smart phone, you may not need a flash card. You can easily find some apps which is very easy to be used with flash card function. So easy to learn while walking.

Enjoy your English learning and have fun! The more fun you have, the easier you can master your English study! You will get more tips if you are student of adult English courses in Singapore with MyTuitionGuru.